Sendit Frequently Asked Questions

Driver with Sendit Canada - Frequently Asked Questions

driver with sendit Canada

We ask that our SendIt drivers be at least 18 years old, with a valid driver’s license and valid registration and insurance.
Once you accept a shipment you will need to deliver it to the specified location in a timely matter. Drivers must take best possible care of the packages.

That’s up to you! The more packages you deliver, the more money you will make. We suggest that you plan your trips in advance so you can pre-accept packages before you start your travels.

When you sign up as a driver, you will need to supply your bank account information. After you complete one or more successful deliveries, the specified amount (on each shipment) will be deposited into your account on a bi-weekly basis. Contact us to learn more about our driver rates.

No! That’s the great thing about driving for SendIt. You can pick and choose which packages you accept according to your schedule and planned travel. So, you can continue to be a member of our driver directory even if you have a busy month or two and can’t make a delivery.

No. You do not need to pay any special fees to sign up as a Sendit driver.