Convenient Shipping That Delivers

Traditional delivery can be frustrating.

Does this sound familiar? Shippers seem to take forever to get you a quote on priority requests, your final bill often comes with pricey surprises, and sometimes the items don’t even make it on time–or in good condition.

Freight services

When your company’s reputation is on the line, you need a solution that’s fast and reliable. With Sendit you can say goodbye to costly mistakes or project-delaying detours. Enjoy our clear, up-front, affordable pricing and feel confident knowing you can check in with our GPS at any time to watch your package’s progress in real time. Plus, our drivers take the direct route. So there’s no chance your goods will be lost in a transfer or storage warehouse. The future of freight shipping and customer service.

Don’t waste another valuable minute of your busy workday.

Help keep your projects on time and on budget with our reliable and secure delivery promise. Ship with Sendit and put a little peace of mind back into your work day. Shipping services that work!



Sendit drivers have already planned a trip to the same destination as your package (and that’s how they choose their deliveries), so when your package is picked up at its origin point, you can be confident your package will be on its way ASAP.
All Sendit drivers are experienced drivers who are vetted by our recruitment process, and constantly monitored by our staff, and rated by you to ensure only the best and most reliable delivery service. Drivers must keep a rating of 3/5 stars (provided by you) to drive for Sendit.
You can use a credit card to ship, or fill out our corporate registration document to apply for an account and be invoiced on a bi-weekly basis.