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The solution for fast, secure, affordable shipping is already on the road.

It's in the empty backseats and truck beds of highway vehicles on their way to where your package needs to go.
We're here to take advantage of that space!

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Sendit Canada Package

Sendit safe.

Sendit Canada Package

Sendit fast.

Sendit Canada Package

Sendit easy.

Sendit is Alberta’s first app-based delivery network that matches drivers and packages going to the same destination. Get your packages delivered on time with our greener, cheaper delivery solution. Or, bring a package along for a ride and make some cash to put right back in your pocket (or your gas tank).


Hitch a ride for your package

Whether you’re shipping for business or everyday life, you’ve got a package that needs to make it somewhere fast. With Sendit you can save time thanks to instant delivery quotes and zero warehouse transfers.

With our real-time GPS package tracking and final proof of delivery, you’ll never be left wondering where your package is. Plus, you can feel confident it’ll always be safe, because our dedicated drivers always handle with care.

Our process is clear and easy, with a low price tag. Our solution is green and efficient. Put your package on direct route, put it in the hands of reliable Sendit driver.

Drive For Us

Going somewhere? Why not make some extra cash on your way?

Sendit allows you to make the most of the empty space in your vehicle – so you can earn extra dough while making a trip you’ve already planned. Feel happy knowing you’re also helping the environment by making the most of every minute behind the wheel.


Next time you’re hitting the road, think of the gas money you could be making back by giving a safe, comfortable ride to a Sendit package.

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how does sendit work?

At SendIt, we believe everyday people have the power to make shipping faster and more reliable. Watch our overview video to see how easy it is to sign up as a sender or driver. Take a look — and let’s get shipping.